West Maui Conference on
Pacific Peoples and their Environments


The two day conference will feature 50 speakers from all over the Austronesian and Papuan speaking areas of the Pacific.

This is the tentative program and the exact, final times are subject to change before the final program draft is issued by the Coordinating Committee.

Keynote Speakers:

Herman Wainggai
"Democracy and Nonviolent Protest in West Papua"

Herman Wainggai is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, a representative of the West Papua people at the United Nations, Visiting Scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University (USA), former political prisoner and leader of nonviolent struggle in West Papua.

Narrissa Spies
"Coral reefs and climate change: How Hawaii’s corals may hold the key to survival"

Narrissa Spies is a Native Hawaiian and PhD candidate at the Biology Department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her research focuses on the reproduction and settlement of resilient Hawaiian coral species, as well as their molecular responses to stress.

Tentative Program:

Friday 13 October 2017
Registration and Breakfast 7:00am - 7:45am
Opening Protocol & Welcome 7:55am - 9:00pm
Morning Session 9:00am - 12:00nn
Lunch and Keynote Speech 12:00nn - 1:00pm
Afternoon Session 1:00pm - 6:15pm
Dinner and Cultural Program 6:15pm - 8:15pm

Saturday 14 October 2017
Breakfast 7:00am - 7:45am
Morning Session 8:00am - 12:00nn
Lunch and Keynote Speech 12:00nn - 1:00pm
Afternoon Session 1:00pm - 5:15pm
Closing Protocol 5:15pm - 6:00pm
Dinner and Music 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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